Chris’s Results

Prior to joining CrossFit HSE and the nutrition program with Missy, my biggest challenges were eating for nutrition to meet my bodies needs and showing up to the gym consistently. Over the previous 6 years of CrossFit, I had seen improvements in range of motion, strength, and skills. I did not see much change in my physical appearance.

All the hard work I was putting in didn’t show the way I wanted. With the support, guidance, and motivation of the HSE team I have lost significant body fat and gained muscle. The difference I see in the mirror and in my gymnastic abilities is quite rewarding. I can do ring muscle ups, bar muscle ups, and even handstand walk to some extent. These are skills I’ve never been able to do. Now I’m motivated to master them.

My advise to anyone thinking of joining these programs?

The first step is to start. Before any excuse enters your mind, START. There’s no level of fitness, size, or weight you need to achieve before starting these programs. In six months or a year will you look back with regret or accomplishment? Start now and you can thank yourself in a year. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish if you dedicate yourself. A great coach once told me, “You are capable of more than you know.”

Check out Chris’s results!!

I started at 220lbs and am now at 200lbs📉. I lost 30lbs fat and gained 10 lbs muscle mass. -Chris P

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