The Wall Walk

We are seeing a brand new movement for 21.1. Here are some tips for your Wall Walk. Hips- Lift your hips first and extend your

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Why Soy is bad for you

Soy is one of those things that you assume is fine to eat because it comes from a soybean, which is grown from the earth,

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First CrossFit Open Experience

With any competition, comes growth, nervousness, excitement, and maybe some anxiety. The CrossFit Open is an experience unlike any other. It not only challenges your

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Relationships = Success

There is a saying in the fitness industry : “Gyms are a revolving door.” Meaning 1 person walks in to join and another quits. One

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Conquer Quitting

We are hardwired to point the finger at other people and life’s circumstances. It’s part of self preservation. When we don’t want to do things,

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Why We Deload?

A deload week is essentially a scheduled break from your typical training. It helps your muscles recover, while still maintaining some sort of physical exertion.

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Morning Workouts

When we started our gym we structured our classes around times people would be able to come before work, mid-morning stay at home, lunch hour,

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