Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Everyone wants a 6 pack

The number one fitness question I’ve gotten over the years is, “how do I get a flat stomach?” This a loaded question with many answers and no one-size-fits all approach. However, there is one thing that is absolutely true about losing fat and showing abs. It happens with a healthy diet. Your healthy diet starts in your kitchen, not at McDonalds.

Your body needs fat to survive. Your body also stores fat naturally, in certain places. Your stomach and butt being the 2 biggest fat stores. There are a lot of factors that play into how and where you store fat as well. Hormones play a huge role in this. Depending on if you are male or female will also be a determining factor. Ladies, don’t get mad if your guy is leaner than you, or can shed more fat faster. You were designed to store more fat than your male counterpart, and you produce more estrogen, which is why you have more fat in different places.

What you can start doing today

Most of my clients want to know what exercises they need to do to get “abs”. While working out is going to help you achieve that 6 pack, if you aren’t eating right, it’s never going to happen. Cooking your own food, eating the right amount of carbs, and meal-timing are the best way to shed belly fat and achieve a flatter stomach and patience is key. You aren’t going to get abs over night, over days, or even weeks. It can take months and years of consistency and discipline. A quick diet won’t fix it and neither will hours on the treadmill.

Take a look at your nutrition. Have a hard look at your eating and sleeping habits. Maybe you need to change a few things. Change can be hard. Sticking with it can be hard too. If you need help with your nutrition book a Free consult by clicking the link below:


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