5 Tips For Summer Fat Loss

Summer is upon us and most of us have been grinding out workouts from home and struggling to not gain the quarantine 10lb. Gyms are about to open and most of us are itching to get back at it again. We have had a good 15 consults and the resounding theme is this:”I have been eating too much and I have gained weight as well as, “I don’t feel good about myself, I have no energy, and I am ready to feel good again.” Sound familiar? I think we can all relate. It has been difficult to stay motivated these past 2 months.

The time to get back after it is TODAY. Don’t wait until next week to start eating well again. Weeks from today you will be grateful you decided to do something now.

Implement these 5 strategies to accelerate fat loss and start feeling good again.

1) CUT OUT SUGAR. The biggest culprit for most is sugary drinks. Cut out gatorades, soda (diet too), & energy drinks. Other top offenders are of course candy, cookies, baked goods, pre-packaged foods, and FRUIT. Fruit has fructose and fructose is directly linked to obesity and high triglycerides. High triglycerides are linked to heart disease. Sure, fruit is nutritious and it can be eaten in moderation. We have however witnessed time and time again that moderation with sugar is extremely difficult for anyone that is trying to lose weight to manage. If you want to accelerate fat loss you have to cut out sugar.

2) STOP EATING GRAINS, SOY, LEGUMES, & STARCHY VEGGIES. These are all pro inflammatory and can cause disruptions in your gut and immune system. Grains and starches such as corn & potatoes are carbohydrate sources that can and will lead to weight gain. Cut these out and you will accelerate weight loss.

3) AVOID ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. A Study published by the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental found consumption of Splenda resulted in negative gut flora (reduced good gut flora). Your gut is where 70% of your immune system is housed. Not only does avoiding artificial sweeteners help you keep weight off, it will also reduce cravings for sweets and keep your immune system on point. We want to lose weight, but we are also eating for longevity. A healthy gut = less bloating and less cravings for bad carbs.

4) EAT LEAN MEATS, GOOD FATS, VEGGIES, NUTS, AND SEEDS. This has been the CrossFit (Paleo) way of eating since I can remember and it works. It is the simplest way for someone trying to lose weight to eat without having to weight and measure their food.

5) HIRE A COACH. The higher the level of accountability you have the greater your chance for success. Few can eat well on their own. Hiring a coach might look like hiring a personal trainer or it might look like getting some nutritional counseling if you already pay for group classes. If you don’t belong to a gym, joining a gym that promotes health will make it easier for you to follow the crowd. Without accountability most athletes will yo-yo diet all year, having periods of success with just as much if not more failures. This is disheartening and defeating for most. The most common objection is not being able to afford it. We encourage you to look at it like this: You can’t afford not to. If looking good and feeling better about yourself isn’t worth it, what is? The best part about investing in your health now is the fact that you don’t have to spend this money forever. It’s a temporary expense. Once you get the tools and develop habits, most people can walk it out.



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