30 Day Core Challenge

  1. 3 sets:1 minute of sit ups, 1 minute plank, 100 mountain climbers
  2. 30-20-10: hollow rocks, suitcase crunches, leg raises
  3. 60 sit ups, 30 toe touches, 60 bicycle crunches, 30 tuck crunches, 60 plank hip drops, 30 flutter kicks
  4. Tabata: side plank 8 rounds, then tabata superman holds 8 rounds
  5. 150 russian twists, 100 tuck crunches, 50 leg raises
  6. 5 sets: 10 leg raises, 10 v-ups, 10 hollow rocks. Rest between sets
  7. Accumulate a 5 minute plank, 5 burpees every time you break your plank
  8. Reverse Tabata hollow holds, then reverse tabata superman holds
  9. 30-20-10 half get-ups, sit ups, suitcase crunches-20 Overhead single arm db lunges after each set (10 per arm)
  10. 5 sets: 15 Alternating bird dogs, 15 plank shoulder taps, 15 Mountain climbers. Rest 1 minute between sets
  11. 10 minute Emom: 30 second plank on minute 1, burpees on minute 2
  12. 50 mountain climbers, 50 v-ups, 50 Mountain climbers
  13. 150 sit ups for time, then 400 meter run or 500 meter row
  14. 10 sets: 10 hollow rocks, 10 arch rocks
  15. 3 sets: 15 Turkish get ups with weight, :30 side  plank/alternate sides
  16. 4 sets: 50 weighted sit ups, 50 Russian twists
  17. 100 flutter kicks, 50 toe touches, 100 mountain climbers, 50 leg raises, 100 jumping jacks, 50 jump squats
  18. 1 minute plank, 25 leg raises, 20 sit ups, 15 suitcase crunches, 1 minute plank, 1 minute rest-repeat 3 sets
  19. Tabata: Heel  taps 8 rounds, Tabata: v-ups 8 rounds
  20. 1 mile run or 1000 meter row, then max sit ups in 2 minutes
  21. 4 sets: 25 weighted russian twists, 25 weighted sit-ups, 25 step-back lunges
  22. 60 sit ups, 30 toe touches, 60 bicycle crunches, 30 tuck crunches, 60 plank hip-drops, 30 flutter kicks
  23. 5 rounds: 10 floor wipers, 15 lateral leg raises, 20 regular leg raises
  24. Tabata: Plank, Tabata: plank shoulder taps
  25. 3 sets: 10 half get-ups (weighted), 10 reverse burpees
  26. 30-20-10 Partner sit ups and partner leg throws
  27. 100 sit ups, 75 flutter kicks, 50 tuck crunches, 25 ab-wheel roll outs (or 2 minute plank)
  28. 150 sit ups for time, every break-20 glute bridges
  29. 10-20-30: Hollow rocks, v-ups, suitcase crunches-40 high knees between sets
  30. 5 rounds: Run 200 meters or row 250 meters, 20 Over-head Db lunges (10 per side, alternating), 20 weighted sit ups

Let us know how it goes! Reach out to us anytime for a free no-sweat intro at www.hscrossfit.com

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