3 Metabolic Pathways

How do we know CrossFit improves fitness? There isn’t one definition of fitness, but we have some models that we use to define it and guide us in our quest to become more fit!

Three Metabolic Pathways:

There are three metabolic pathways that provide our muscles with energy: the 1)phosphagen pathway,2) the glycolytic pathway, and the 3)oxidative pathway.

⭐The phosphagen pathway dominates high power, short duration efforts: things that take less than 10 seconds but require a huge power output. Think a few reps of a heavy lift, or an 100-yard dash.

⭐The glycolytic pathway acts in the 30 second to 2 minute range, and powers high power efforts that last a little bit longer than 10 seconds! Think Tabata squats, or short, intense workouts like “Fran”, “Grace” etc.

⭐The oxidative pathway provides energy for all longer, lower-powered aerobic activities. Think longer, less intense workouts like “Murph”.

If you want to optimize your fitness, you need to incorporate all 3 of these into your fitness routine. CrossFit does this day in and day out.

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