10 Weight-Loss Tips

Below is a list that will make monumental changes in your health, wellness, body composition, and lifestyle. There is not a secret button to press or superfood that can replace the consistent application of good lifestyle choices. If you want results but are unwilling to consistently do these things, it is possible but will be more challenging to efficiently reach those weightless and body composition goals. Use these as a guide to make changes to your life-style.

Tips for Fat Loss

1) Calorie deficit (Burn more than you consume)

2) High protein intake (Replace carbs with protein) 

3) Eating fruits & veggies (ditch the processed foods)

4) Weight-Lifting

5) Daily activity (steps and movement throughout the day)

6) Sleep (At least 8 hours/night)

7) Drink lots of water and do not drink your calories (starbucks, sugary beverages, ect)

8) Consistency in the gym and outside of the gym

9) Get outside and soak up some vitamin D

10) Unplug one day a week (Sunday’s).   

Make it a great week no matter what and find ways to incorporate consistency with your daily lifestyle habits listed above. Do not be afraid to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns. We are here to serve you and guide you in your journey. Have a weight loss goal?

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-Coach Bryan


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