10 Simple Way To Cut Calories

During our no-sweat intro’s at CrossFit HSE we always ask potential clients how their nutrition is going. More often than not( 70-80% of the time) , we that it’s horrible or awful. Some people just need a few minor tweaks and occasionally people have it nailed down.

The majority of people coming into the gym are looking to lose weight. Even the clean eaters, but something isn’t working, otherwise they wouldn’t be sitting across from me.

At the end of the day, we have to expend more calories than we consume if we want to lose weight. Sure, their are a bunch of variable involved with exercise, nutrition, sleep, hormones, ect.., but for this purpose we are looking at quantity consumed.

Most people overeat. Myself included. Even when it’s “healthy food”, how much we consume matters when we are trying to lean out. So, how do we consume less?

Here are 10 simple ways to consume less calories throughout the day:

  1. Track your food intake as well as weighing and measuring your food. This is without a doubt the most tedious of all, but it works. The app MyFitnessPal is a great accountability tool for tracking calories. If we don’t know how much we are consuming, we won’t know if we need to cut back, right? A simple food journal works just as good. Writing it down is a great form of self accountability and it can often be eye opening for many.
  2. Drink extra water and do so prior to each meal. You will have to be strategic about this for it to work as stated, but it works. If you consume 12-16oz of water prior to eating you will consume less food. If this is too difficult to remember to do, simply start carrying a water bottle with you throughout the day and aim to drink an extra 32oz/day.
  3. Prep your food. Most people don’t do any meal prep, they just eat as they go throughout their day. If you aren’t planning your meals, you are more than likely setting yourself up for failure at some point throughout your day. When you prep your meals, you are far more conscientious of what you are going to be putting in your mouth.
  4. Use smaller plates. We do this at home with paper plates and you can too! 😉 Food prep containers are a great way to limit your calories as well.
  5. Educate yourself & read labels before eating. We have found over the years that this is extremely important when it comes to calorie consumption and eating healthy. Serving sizes are far smaller than we think they are. I like to use milk as an example with nutrition clients that drink milk. There are 103 calories in a cup of milk. Now, when we pour a glass of milk to drink it or use it in a bowl of cereal we aren’t using a measuring cup to get exactly 1 cup. My guess is that you are using 2-3 cups. Did you know milk has 13 grams of sugar/cup? If you have 3 cups of milk you just drank a can of coke.
  6. Put off and put on. Exchanging things works wonders. Milk is another great example of something you can switch out to cut calories. Unsweetened almond milk contains 35 calories/cup and 0 gram of sugar. We’ve cut those calories down by almost 1/3 just by making that change. Where else might you be able to make some changes? Coffee creamers, other beverages, breads, ect…
  7. Get accountability. FACT: Most people can’t walk this out for a prolonged amount of time on their own. I’ve seen a lot of short-term success, but most backslide to their old habits. I started as a personal trainer back in 2011. People paid me to give them a great workout and to get results, but at the end of the day they mostly paid me for accountability. Nutrition should be no different and it’s more important than your exercise. Why not pay a coach to get you the results you desire?
  8. Fast. Intermittent fasting is quite popular nowadays. It works really well for a lot of people. My wife does this daily as does another coach of mine. My coach Jennifer has transformed her body as has my wife. We’ve had handfuls of clients already doing this when they come in and we have guided quite a few on this path towards pretty amazing results. Accountability once again goes a long ways with this.
  9. Don’t eat out. If you are trying to lose weight, don’t eat out. Yes you can make healthy choices when you go out, but most don’t. You’ll save money and calories by preparing food on your own. If you do go out, do so only 1-2x a month.
  10. Don’t eat everything on your plate. I’m 40 and I grew up with a grandfather that told us if we didn’t clean our plates we weren’t allowed to get up from the table. If you are full, there is no need to clean your plate for the sake of cleaning your plate. Pay attention to when you are full. Take your time eating and you will find that you can get that “full feeling” quicker.

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-Coach Bryan


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