10 Reasons To CrossFit

1.) It Makes Fitness Fun

When was the last time the average person got excited about exercising? Yes, for some people exercising is general is a great stress reliever and makes you feel good. Maybe you love to workout. But on average, most Americans are getting enough physical activity into their day. CrossFit’s constantly varied, short bout workouts make exercising fun. If working out became something you wanted to do, rather than had to do, wouldn’t people see greater results?

2.) Athletes are the healthiest people

We treat everyone like an athlete because CrossFit is, “The Sport of Fitness”. Competitive athletes are the healthiest humans. They are constantly training to improve at their sport, the majority of athletes take their nutrition seriously and being in top shape is crucial to success. If we treat ourselves with this mentality, wellness won’t be our goal, Fitness is our goal!

3.) Functional and applicable

Our Core movements mimic those seen in day to day life. For example, sitting down and standing up (squat/ box squat), pick things up off the ground (Deadlift) and putting something on a shelf or carry-on-luggage in the overhead compartment (standing press); these are common things that we strive to do uncommonly well. If you saw a person bicep curling their groceries you would think, “huh, whats wrong with them” but if you see an old person picking up their keys off the ground you think nothing of it.

4.) Always different; you can’t expect it!

You never know what life is going to throw at you, so being prepared for obscure obstacles, challenges or athletic events is necessary. Constantly varied exercise yields little adaptation to that stress, which creates well balanced fitness. Doing the same routine over and over again will yield a training adaptation. So don’t let your routine become routine. With that said, their is progression and a program with CrossFit, its how you implement it is what separates certain CrossFit boxes!

5.) Community Environment and Team atmosphere

Pushing yourself to work hard when you are by yourself is always more challenging then if you are with a group of friends. CrossFit brings people together that have the same goal in mind: Get Fit! With this environment it creates internal competition. More so with yourself, but also it can be with others. For example, you see on the board the top scores of the day from the WOD, you constantly see someones name up there, now you want to beat that persons scores. This isn’t bad competition, it facilitates your motivation to work harder and see great results!

6.) You can measure everything

Everything is measurable. Weight, strength gains, girth measurement and your fitness. I tell my classes, “everything is quantifiable in CrossFit”. If we can measure your power output or intensity in the form of work over time, we can see a measurable change once we retest whatever that workout was later down the road. Thats why CrossFit has benchmark WOD’s that allow you to test your fitness then improve on those results.

7.) Goals within goals within goals

In CrossFit, we teach and perform a lot of coordinated movements. These coordinated movements can become SUPER frustrating, for example the infamous “double under”. You try this exercise and it seems impossible, like you will never get it. Like anything, i tell my clients and athletes “perfect practice makes perfect, so keep trying to do it right and it will eventually come”. Once you get this you feel amazing, Like you have accomplished such a huge feat. Now its onto the next goal and the next, all contributing to your overall fitness goal!

8.) Creates balanced fitness

CrossFit is a hybrid training program improving on peoples endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, coordination and accuracy (10 general physical skills). In other words its a general physical preparedness program that helps improve on everything not a specific event or sport.

9.) You need it!

Promoting functional fitness and constantly varied high intensity exercise gets you into the best shape of your life! Everyone needs fitness and everyone needs to be healthy!

10.) It truly is life changing

I can’t tell you how many people have told me how this form of training is like nothing they have ever done and how its truly impacted their life more than anything they could imagine. CrossFit doesn’t stop at fitness, it help build bonds between people. Friendships are created, family bonds are strengthened and a true Fitness community is formed!


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